The world and all its beings are comprised of energy – electromagnetic energy.  Each individual blade of grass, each tree and its leaves, each person, each animal, everything in creation is comprised of atoms, neutrons, photons, and other various energy molecules.  These molecules combine to cause an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds everything and everybody.  This field is a scientifically proven fact.  Chinese call this energy CHI (pronounced Chee); the Greeks call this energy PNEMA; the Polynesians call this MANA, the Hebrews call this RUAH.  Yoga practioners call this energy PRANA, and in our Western world, we often call this LIFE FORCE.

Energy is very fluid, and is connected with all the energy of the universe.

Another way to explain this is by using the example of water.  One drop of water corresponds to one individual being’s energy.  A river is all of the universe’s energy.  Together all these individual drops of water/energy make up the river and each drop of water/energy affects all the other water/energy in the river.

We are connected to the earth’s energy, universal energy, and energy of all living beings on the earth.

Energy can be influenced by other energy.  If one energy field comes into contact with another energy field, then both energy fields are impacted.  These impacts can strengthen or weaken each energy field.    Other things can influence these energy fields as well.   A fall, a ball hitting a body, a car accident, emotional trauma, all of life’s little and big problems – all of these things can cause energy disruptions.

Energetic healing can help deal with these problems and energy disruptions.  The healer connects to the energy of the being requiring healing.

I am one of these healers – I am an energetic healer. 

 I connect to the energy of the universe, the earth and earth creatures.  This is the energy I draw upon to help heal beings that wish healing from me.   By connecting to the earth, universe, earth’s creatures, and the being wishing healing, I am able to bring the necessary skills and knowledge needed to that being.  Because energy is so fluid and all energy connects together, I am able to work on the energy of my client from a distance without the need to be in the same room, and without the need to have my hands on.

The client’s energy body is visualised and then the healing can proceed.  I use my intention and all the energy I am connected to, to help remove the energy disruptions in the body.   The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, when given the chance and help required.   By strengthening the client’s energy field, removing energy blocks, and assisting the client in whatever way is necessary, the clients starts to heal.

I use several modalities to help with the healing.  Some of them are:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Energy Balancing and Treatments
  • Chi Nei Tsang

Most treatments are a combination of all the modalities that I know.  The treatments are individually based so the most appropriate modalities are used for each individual.  If a person wants only one modality used for them or their pets, that can be done as well.

I also do Animal Communication which is also very helpful in treating animals.  Not only are you able to find out from them, what their problems are, but the animals love the opportunity to talk and have someone “hear” them.

Treatment times can vary according to the illness, but in general most treatments take between 1 – 1.5 hours. Reflexology treatments take a half hour.


  • 1/2 hour: $45 CAD
  • 1 hour: $80 CAD

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To request a treatment, please call our office or use our Treatment Request Form online.