An energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. This is a UNIVERSAL HEALING ENERGY, a life force that is in each and every living being. It is within this energy field that the cause of disease appears to be located. If the energy becomes blocked, that part of the body becomes ill.

RidgeBluff Health is dedicated to helping people and their pets heal, which means becoming and staying healthy. My purpose is to help you and your pets to enjoy better health and well-being. To do this I use the Universal Healing Energy.

Universal Healing Energy is:

  • an energy field that surrounds and permeates all living beings
  • a life force that is in each and every living being
  • often called Chi, Prana, Mana, or various other names
  • an inborn ability that we all possess which allows us to heal ourselves with the proper help

I look for disruptions in the energy field, and remove them. This allows the Universal Healing Field to work to its full potential to help you and your animal companions become vibrant and healthy.

Various techniques that I use are:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Communication
  • Chi Ne Tsang
  • Energy Treatments and Body Balancing
  • Animal Nutrition

I invite you to learn more about the treatments I offer by visiting the pages on this website or calling me directly. Improve the quality of your, or your pet’s life, by booking a treatment today!