Equine, Canine & Feline Massage Therapy

Animal Sports Massage Therapy benefits all animals. Massage therapy is being increasingly utilized to enhance the performance of equine and canine athletes with great success.

Massage Therapy, received at regular intervals, can improve the comfort and performance of your pet by:

  • improving circulation
  • relaxing muscles
  • relieving tension
  • enhancing muscle tone
  • increasing & maintaining range of motion
  • improving the efficiency & relaxation of gaits
  • removal of toxins & metabolic waste
  • strengthening the immune system
  • fostering faster healing
  • reducing inflammation & swelling in the joints, thereby alleviating pain
  • increasing flow of nutrients to the muscles
  • improving the overall wellness of the pet’s mind & body

I would love to see you and your pet benefit from the healing effects of massage therapy.

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I look forward to supporting you and your pets!

Rhea Ollett
RidgeBluff Health